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  • Press-Offensive!

    Currently, Cornerstone is very present in the music-press: a lot of magazines and Portals published reviews of “HEAD OVER HEELS”, even in the Spanish-speaking area like Argentina, Spain, Columbia etc.! By now, the band has its publications in every country, which is relevant for the music-business! For further details check out the press area of the website. | More Info...

    --- Published on 06/07/2010


    Once again, Cornerstone is going to pursue different paths: because of the amazing press- and radiofeedback, the band has decided to tour around GREECE in the second week of july. Highlight will be the very popular, annual INDIE ROCK FESTIVAL in Hermoupolis on the beautiful island Syros, where the 'stones are going to perform as headlining band. More details about are going to be announced in the next few days. | More Info...

    --- Published on 05/15/2010

  • Charity Event "TOGETHER FOR HAITI"

    Because of the horrible earthquake in Haiti, Cornerstone decided to make a contribution to the charity event "TOGETHER FOR HAITI", which profits will be donated to the the international support organisation "OUR LITTLE BROTHERS AND SISTERS". The concert will be organised by the PARADISE CULTURE CLUB and takes place on 04/09 in one of Viennas best venue, the "REIGEN", the exact Line-Up will be released soon.

    --- Published on 03/01/2010

  • Cornerstone on the ROCK 4 LIFE SAMPLER (U.S.A.)!

    One thing for a good purpose: READY TO GO has been chosen for the sampler ROCK 4 LIFE, organized and hosted by QUICKSTAR PRODUCTIONS (U.S.A.). Thereby, all the profits are going to benefit for PSC-victims. PSC is a chronic constriction of the gall and liver values and by now an incurable disease. Instantly, Cornerstone consented to provide their song for this sampler, which is available for download and as CD worldwide. Within the next few weeks, some of the copies are going to be auctioned on diverse radiostations.

    --- Published on 01/27/2010

  • Premiere of LITTLE ALIEN in Vienna (AT)

    As announced before, the premiere of „Little Alien“ took place in the Viennese GARTENBAU-CINEMA on 10/08. Cornerstone contributed two songs to the moviesoundtrack and of course they were invited as special guests. Some time this evening a lot of interesting conversations with other prominent guests ensued, among others with the director of the movie, NINA KUSTURICA, the Ex-leader of the Austrian Green Party, ALEXANDER VAN DER BELLEN, Ex-Socialminister DR. ERWIN BUCHINGER and ORF-Culture lady BARBARA RETT, who were very fascinated about the young musicians. Meanwhile, the movie is shown in all austrian cinemas and in further consequence, it will be send on ORF, the austrian main TV-station.

    --- Published on 10/21/2009

  • United States-Tour - a review!

    Now it's done: the first U.S.-tour of Cornerstone is over, and it was a big success, although there were - as always in life - lights and shadows. The first three gigs in Atlanta and in Deactur had a very good crowd, and especially the gigs in the UPTOWN LOFT and the 5 SEASONS (sponsored by the GERMAN STAMMTISCH) were simply sensational! After two weaker gigs in Athens/GA (Hometown of R.E.M.!) and Lexington/KY - the crowd was quite poor, because it was weekdays - the concert in Centralia/IL was definitely the lowlight of the tour because of several reasons, which should remain unwritten here.

    After this bad experience the band did a great shopping-tour, a visit of the headquarters of ATOM RECORDS in Dayton/OH, and a very cool gig together with JEFFEREY GAINES - who has played with stars like THE GOGO's, THE BANGLES and many others in the past - Dayton was definitely one of the highlights of the tour, the crowd went nuts and wanted more and more encores... Another highlight was NEW YORK - beside of the fact, that the city is very impressive in general! - the show at KENNY'S CASTAWAY, in which BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN has played his very first NY-show, was a great experience for the band. After a very exhausting, 18-hours-drive from New York to Chattanooga/TN, the remaining gigs and the TV-appearance at WTVC/CHANNEL 9 in the show THIS'N THAT were a very nice end of the tour. Special Thanks by the way to ASCENT ENTERTAINMENT, Scott Kinnison of ATOM RECORDS... Cornerstone couldn't have done this tour without their help.

    --- Published on 08/29/2009

  • USA-Tour, TV-appearances and more!

    In about two weeks Cornerstone will start their long-expected, 3-weeks US-tour! This will lead the band to the east coast of the United States - Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, New York and Tennessee. Most gigs Cornerstone will do as Headliner or as a Co-Headliner (thus, e.g., in New Albany and Dayton, together with JEFFREY GAINES). By the way, also some shows on various American TV stations, e.g., on CHANNEL 9 (TN), and an appearance at the legendary GOOD MORNING NEW YORK are planned. The band is very excited about this present climax of their career, all current shows and appearances are evident, as usual, on the tour side of the website. | More Info...

    --- Published on 06/23/2009

  • Endorsement PYRAMID (DE)!

    Some news for the musicians: Guitarplayer Steve Wachelhofer and bassist Michael Wachelhofer will be sponsored by German string manufacturer PYRAMID in the future. This company supports - by the way - artists like ROGER MCGUINN (Ex-BYRDS) and SAXON... | More Info...

    --- Published on 06/22/2009

  • United Kingdom-Tour 2009 - a review

    Now the second England tour of Cornerstone came to an end, and at the end of the day it was very successful. In front of the tour the band reached excellent sales figures of HEAD OVER HEELS in UK, which was a big surprise, but certainly the band was very lucky about it. While the first concert in London, an acoustic-showcase, was still as a sort of a Warm-Up gig, the band received, nevertheless, quite excellent reviews. Cornerstone's gig in Eastbourne together with TWO CHOICES was maybe one of the best concerts ever. Then, however, climax was of course the Z ROCK FESTIVAL in Dudley, together with JOHN WAITE. In spite of some technical difficulties - the amplifiers didn't work correctly during the concert - the band did a respectable gig, and received very good feedback in various forums and radio stations, as a result the band will be probably booked for more festivals in United Kingdom. By the way, the band enjoyed an aftershow-chat with JOHN WAITE, who is maybe one of the last Gentleman in musicbiz...

    --- Published on 06/09/2009

  • "Head Over Heels" available in UK-shops!

    After the band has attracted considerable attention in the British music market in the last weeks, the CD will be available in all English music shops like VIRGIN, HMV, AMAZON.CO.UK and others from the end of April. Distribution giant CARGO will take care of proper distribution in Great Britain, Ireland and will deliver the CD to the BeNeLux states, too. | More Info...

    --- Published on 03/18/2009