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  • Airplay AT Radio OE3 (AT)!

    Some sensational news: Austrias biggest radiostation OE3 (around 2.8 million daily listeners!), has decided, to introduce the new album “Somewhere in America” at the FRIDAY NIGHT SHOW (presented by Eberhard Forcher). This will happen on Friday, 10/14, 10:00 p.m. CET. You may listen to OE3 either terrestric all over Austria or via Livestream worldwide. | More Info...

    --- Published on 10/12/2011

  • Watch the brand new "Stay" Video!

    After the world exclusive premiere of the music video for the Opener of the new album "Somewhere in America" on GOTV (Austrian Music Television) last week, the brand new clip "Stay" can now be watched on various online-platforms as well. The production of the video was again in the hands of THE COCKPIT (Director: Christian Enzlmueller), which has already recorded a couple of videos for the band in the past. Great! | More Info...

    --- Published on 10/06/2011

  • On the cover of ROCK CITY MAGAZINE (DE)!!!

    ...meanwhile the second time! ROCK CITY MAGAZINE from the North of Germany printed Cornerstone on the cover of their latest issue, including an interview with the band and introduction of their new album "Somewhere in America". The contribution can be found - as usual - at the band's presscorner. Check it out! | More Info...

    --- Published on 09/28/2011

  • T-Shirts and CD's available!

    It was kind of an awkward surprise, as the band returned home from their England-tour and found 500 copies of their debut "Head Over Heels", instead of 50, which they actually ordered from their label… Anyway, Cornerstone leveraged this delivery misery to sell their debut for the sensational low price of 4.50 Euro/ 4.00 GBP/ 5.00 USD. So, don't miss this great opportunity! There are also Tour-Shirts available, which can be ordered per mail in variable sizes. | More Info...

    --- Published on 08/26/2011

  • United Kingdom Tour 2011 – a review

    Cornerstone finally finished their third UK-Tour, and it was a huge, huge success. The gig at the legendary BRIDGEHOUSE 2 in London, together with Iron Maiden founder DENNIS STRATTON, was kind of a "homecoming" (the band performed there twice during their first England-tour), whereas at the remaining gigs, they played themselves rapidly right into the hearts of the British audience. At the RAVERNHEART MUSIC ROCK NIGHT in Birmingham, which was actually a metal festival, the band was surprisingly placed as headliner. However, they succeeded confidently. One special highlight of the tour was the ROCK AND BIKE FESTIVAL in Loughborough, where Cornerstone performed together with NEW MODEL ARMY and QUIREBOYS. The gig in GRIMSBY with SACRED HEART and CRIMES OF PASSION was the perfect ending of the two week-tour, which actually served for the promotion of the new album "Somewhere in America" and could have been repeated one to one, because all hosts were very impressed and invited them back to the UK!

    --- Published on 08/24/2011

  • Studio & Album News

    During the last weeks, it wasn´t very calm around Cornerstone because of the intense work for the album-release tour and the recording of their new songs. The new tunes became very matured, the band put emphasis on versatility – for one song they even experimented with Ska-rhythms! – but maindirection is still AOR/Melodicrock. By the way: CD-Release Party and Tour Start-Up for Austria will be on 05/20 at the "LOCAL" in Vienna! | More Info...

    --- Published on 04/30/2011

  • United Kingdom- /Germany- /Austria- Tour 2011

    At the beginning of the year, the Live-dates of 2011 were announced already: because of the promotion tour for the new album (which title hasn´t been determined yet), Cornerstone is going to absolve a couple of gigs through UNITED KINGDOM, for the third time of their career. One particular highlight will be their performance at the ROCK AND BIKE FESTIVAL in Loughborough, where the band is going to share stage with artists like NEW MODEL ARMY and QUIREBOYS! This time, also a tour around Germany and Austria is planned. They even arranged a gig in their hometown BRUNN AM GEBIRGE, which is „practical, because i always wanted to do a gig within walking distance“, says bassplayer Michael Wachelhofer with a grin. | More Info...

    --- Published on 04/30/2011

  • Cornerstone live on RADIO 88.6 (AT)

    Finally the band could be heard on Austrian radio as well: on 08/31, Patricia Hillinger, Michael and Steve Wachelhofer introduced their album live at RADIO 88.6, one of the biggest stations in Austria! ANDREAS HUFNAGL has interviewed the band for around thirty minutes, you may listen to an excerpt of the show at the press-area of Cornerstone's website. | More Info...

    --- Published on 09/02/2010

  • Greece-Tour 2010 – a review

    Now the band is back from their first Greece Tour, and to say it in a nutshell, the tour was "very o.k.". Whereas the big audience at the GOLDEN APPLE FESTIVAL in Kastoria failed to appear - although massive radio and television promotion has been done - the brilliantly organized INDIE ROCK FESTIVAL in Syros was one of the absolute highlight of the bands career. After UNTIL A BETTER NAME and SHADE set the audience on fire, Cornerstone continued solidly in front of a bunch of people. Because of the attendance of a Greek TV-Team, the video recording of the concert and an interview with the band will be published very soon. Stay tuned!

    --- Published on 08/10/2010

  • At the HAFEN OPEN AIR with OPUS (AT)

    Actually, Cornerstone wanted to take a short break in August, but now they have to change their plans: on 08/13, the band is going to play a concert at HAFEN OPEN AIR in Vienna, together with LICHTWAERTS, LUTTENBERGER & KLUG and also with Austria’s most prominent band, called OPUS ("Life is Life", "Flying High"). This seems to be a good reason to take a rest from the rest... More info is coming soon! | More Info...

    --- Published on 07/13/2010