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  • Cornerstone live on radio 88.6 REGIONAL

    Patricia Hillinger and Michael Wachelhofer introduced Cornerstone live on 01/15 to one of the biggest radios in Austria, RADIO 88.6 REGIONAL (formerly HIT. FM)! The host of the show, BIRGIT HOFBAUER, had a chat with the band for about 15 minutes, where she asked them about their career, their concerts in Austria and of course their future-plans. You can listen to a show-edit on the press site of the bands website. | More Info...

    --- Published on 01/27/2013

  • Two times: CORNERSTONE feat. ULLI BAAER in Concert!

    Because of the great success of their common gig last summer, the band is going to play two concerts in a row together with Austropop legend ULLI BAAER within the next few weeks: on Friday, 12/07 in their favourite venue, the SHAMROCK in Leopoldsdorf (AT), and in the beginning of next year on Friday, 01/18 at the RAYMANS in Neunkirchen (AT). Of course, Cornerstone will do their Originals, but during Baeer's set, drummer Mike Pawlowitsch, bassplayer Michael Wachelhofer and guitarplayer Steve Wachelhofer will act as backband through his greatest hits show. | More Info...

    --- Published on 11/23/2012

  • Stadiumconcert!

    First stadium-concert for Cornerstone: as start up for the Austrian Premiere League soccer-match FC ADMIRA WACKER – FK AUSTRIA WIEN, the band is going to make a short performance on Saturda 10/27, 06:15 pm, at the Trenkwald-Arena(Suedstadt, Maria Enzersdorf). There will be expected around 9000 visitors… | More Info...

    --- Published on 10/26/2012

  • New Video now, new Album next year

    Cornerstone released a new video: one of the titles of their latest album SOMEWHERE IN AMERICA, "Rise And Shine" has been visually upgraded. Originally the film was taken for a TV-show, but everybody liked the result so much, that the band decided, to use this video for Promotion-purposes. Whereas there are still tour dates on the schedule till the end of this year, they have already started to work on their new album. Presently, the working-title of the new album is REFLECTIONS, which will be released probably around middle of 2013. | More Info...

    --- Published on 08/07/2012


    As a result of the permanent touring through UK, more and more Music Magazines started to put an eye on the band: such as the POWERPLAY, the second largest rock-mag of the country, that published a full-paged interview in it's latest issue, in which ALLAN BANNERMAN chatted with bassplayer Michael Wachelhofer mainly about the making of their latest album "SOMEWHERE IN AMERICA", as well as their future plans. In the September-Edition of the BIG CHEESE Magazine (around 70.000 readers) there will also be an interview with the band included! All press reports are posted - as usually - on the press corner of the bands website. | More Info...

    --- Published on 07/29/2012

  • Cornerstone at the Hafen Open Air with EAV (AT)

    In spite of the tropic temperatures, Cornerstone is working quite hard: on 07/18, the band is going to perform together with the Austro-Pop legends BORIS BUKOWSKI, ULLI BAEER and one of the most popular groups of Austria, the ERSTE ALLGEMEINE VERUNSICHERUNG (EAV). By the way, the festival is represented by RADIO WIEN and the German-Austrian TV- Channel BR ALPHA. On the same day, the band is going to absolve a second gig at the "Saloon" in Vienna. | More Info...

    --- Published on 07/27/2012

  • Pop Overthrow Festival Liverpool (UK) – a Review

    The band travelled the UK for the second time within two weeks now, and it must be said, that these visits were real, real great success! The INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW FESTIVAL, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in Liverpool - hometown of the legendary Beatles - was the highlight of the bands UK-Tour this year. The host was so impressed by Cornerstone, that he let the band perform three slots in a row… besides their gigs at the CAVERN CLUB and the legendary ERIC'S, the band also appeared at the CAVERN PUB. But it must be said, after three concerts within ten hours, the band reached their absolutely physical limit, but "the show must go on", someone said once... The pictures will appear briefly on the gallery of the bands website.

    --- Published on 05/31/2012

  • Cornerstone feat. ULLI BAEER (AT)

    Legends never die: on Wednesday, 06/06, in the context of the event "KILT MEETS LEDERHOSE" the band is going to perform together with the Austropop icon ULLI BAEER at their favourite venue, the Shamrock! Of course, Cornerstone will do their Originals, but during Baeer's ser, drummer Mike Pawlowitsch, bassplayer Michael Wachelhofer and guitarplayer Steve Wachelhofer will act as backband through his greatest hits show. Compulsory date! | More Info...

    --- Published on 05/31/2012

  • Cornerstone live at the BBC (UK)!

    The best is yet to come: in context of their upcoming fourth UK-Tour, the band will be interviewed by BBC LINCOLNSHIRE! The interview is downloadable as Podcast after the show via BBC-website. Bad news of the day: the CAMBRIDGE ROCK FESTIVAL has been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, preventing the infrastructure being installed. Cornerstone will perform at this traditional Festival summertimes, either this year or in 2013 instead. | More Info...

    --- Published on 04/26/2012

  • Cornerstone at the AUSTRIAN MUSIC BOX-Sampler 2012

    The best of Austria: with their tune BREATHING FOR YOU, Cornerstone is part of the current music sampler AUSTRIAN MUSIC BOX 2012. This songbox, which is published by the Austrian music industry, should give an overview of what's hot in the actual music scene of the country and is distributed to over 2000 partners in whole Europe. By the way: the contributions of the Pop/ Rock-sampler were choosen by one of Austria's real music experts, EBERHARD FORCHER (HITRADIO OE3), and is not available on the market.

    --- Published on 03/28/2012