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  • In cooperation with Grammy-award winner!

    As the record label of Cornerstone, ATOM Records, confirmed yesterday, the band will work together with the Grammy-award winner BRAD BLACKWOOD in the course of their Single release, who acted in behalf of great musicians like MAROON 5, KORN, EMERSON LAKE & PALMER, etc.! Brad won this highly coveted award for his work on the Alison Krauss- Album “Paper Airplay”, which came out in 2012, and now he will give the finishing touches on Cornerstone’s new single.

    --- Published on 09/06/2013

  • United Kingdom-Tour 2013 – a review

    Now Cornerstone finished their meanwhile sixth England tour - a very, very successful one, in retrospective. Highlight was of course the CAMBRIDGE ROCK FEST together with famous acts like THE ANIMALS, MAGNUM and HAZEL O’ CONNOR - for many visitors Cornerstone was one of the best bands of the festival! Whereas the concerts in Nottingham, Beeston and Boston were kind of a “homecoming” - the band already played there a couple of times - the band conquered new territories in the North in Bolton, York and Wakefield. In the “Duchess” in York wellknown acts like MIDGE URE (ULTRA VOX), JOHNNY MARR and the UK SUBS appeared in the past… A positive aspect of the tour was the media presence of Cornerstone, they had interviews with BBC Radio and a few local radio stations, moreover they were present in the print media with fullpage articles, for example the BOSTON STANDARD or the NOTTINGHAM POST with full-page features. Conclusion of the tour: 10 concerts, 14 radio-interviews/ features, 7 newspaper announcements, 79 sold CD’s and 34 sold T-Shirts during the concerts. Well done! | More Info...

    --- Published on 08/14/2013

  • Trademark-issue on the Isle of Weight (UK)

    Luckily, Cornerstone protected their name as trademark years ago, which was a wise decision afterwards: on the Isle of Weight in England a local band operated with the same name till recently, which is of course prohibited. The management of Cornerstone asked the band politely to change the name accordingly because of the trademark. In the end, the story was a big headline in the English media – and so bassplayer Michael Wachelhofer as representative of the group suddenly found himself doing interviews on the Isle of Weight and other radio stations… Dave Roberts, main organizer of the CAMBRIDGE ROCK FESTIVAL, also pointed out his opinion with a nice statement about the band: "Cornerstone are a great supporter of the Cambridge Rock Festival and were due to play at the April 2012 CRF Spring Edition, but that event was cancelled due to extremely adverse weather. The band did play last week at the main Cambridge Rock Festival with a superb set, they have a good following amongst our crowd and are a very professional group of musicians and nice people too. I have no doubt they will be keen to protect their brand and image so their letter is understandable". Meanwhile, the band changed their name appropriately. | More Info...

    --- Published on 08/13/2013

  • Cornerstone at eleven UK-Radio Stations!

    On Wednesday 07/31, Cornerstone is going to start their sixth England-tour, and it seems, that this one will be pretty successful. Apart from their performance at the CAMBRIDGE ROCK FEST (together with THE ANIMALS, MAGNUM, HAZEL O' CONNOR a. o.) the band is very active on the English radio at the moment. The band will be on a visit to BBC RADIO Lincolnshire, STAR.FM (Interview with the radio legend Neil Jones, who talked to DUFF MCKAGAN/ Guns'n Roses on the same show), BBC Cambridgeshire will be introducing the band in a feature, etc. etc. etc. … soon you can listen to most of the interviews again in the press-area of the bands website! | More Info...

    --- Published on 07/29/2013

  • Cornerstone in Austria's biggest daily newspaper!

    After the band played a concert in their federal capital Vienna again, Austria's biggest daily newspaper, the KRONE (around 2.7 million readers), decided to print two reports about Cornerstone, including an announcement of their concert and a short Bandportrait. | More Info...

    --- Published on 07/14/2013

  • New T-Shirts available

    Last week, the new Cornerstone-Fan Shirts arrived, which are now available for a very good price (14 EUR/ 11 GBP/ 20 USD Shipping costs)! How? Just send an email to with your favourite size, colour and quantity and here we go! The first five bestsellers get an extra autographed poster, so push the buttons! | More Info...

    --- Published on 06/14/2013

  • Cornerstone on Radio Arabella 92.9FM (AT)

    In the course of the promotion for their concerts in the next few weeks the band is going to be aired at one of Austrias biggest private radio-stations, RADIO ARABELLA 92.9 , on Friday 04/19 at approximately 3:00 pm (CET +1). Presently, host JOEY FELLNER is going to ask the band in his "Hitnachmittag"-Show about their upcoming performances, the last album "Somewhere in America" and of course he will ask singer Patricia Hillinger about her birthday, which she had the day before... There is also a livestream available, check it out! | More Info...

    --- Published on 04/19/2013

  • Festivals, Festivals, Festivals...

    As already announced at the end of last year, Cornerstone will concentrate on playing at the bigger European festivals... one highlight will be the CAMBRIDGE ROCK FESTIVAL (UK), where the band is going to share stage with legends like THE ANIMALS and HAZEL O' CONNOR (UK). Whereas they'll play at the annual DONAUINSELFEST in 2013 again, the band is also very active in Germany: as for the WEIGENDORF OPEN AIR in Bavaria (Headliner: JENNIFER ROSTOCK, TANZWUT) and at the WINESTOCK FESTIVAL, for the second time meanwhile. Before they will go back to studio in fall to record the follow-up of "Somewhere in America", the group is going to participate at the premiere of SKYFEST in Mansfield (UK), counterpart of the legendary FIREFEST. Cornerstone will appear on the Line-Up together with Melodicrock-legends like PRETTY MAIDS (DK), VEGA (UK) and the new "Supergroup" RAGE OF ANGELS (Danny Vaughn, Tommy Denander, Harry Hess a.o.). | More Info...

    --- Published on 03/19/2013

  • United Kingdom-Tour 2013/ Cambridge Rock Festival

    As already announced at the end of 2012, the band is going to tour United Kingdom again, for the sixth time meanwhile. This time, Cornerstone is going to perform at mid-size concert halls, highlight will be probably the CAMBRIDGE ROCK FESTIVAL, one of the traditional English Open Airs, where famous acts like ASIA, STARSHIP or BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST appeared over the years. After the last year's spring-edition of the event got cancelled because of the continual rain, the band is going to participate at the "big" summer-edition at the beginning of August. For more tour-details please check out the tour-area on the bands website. | More Info...

    --- Published on 01/31/2013

  • Cornerstone live on KFAI 90.3/ 107.7 FM Radio (U.S.A.)

    The beginning of 2013 was already positive for Cornerstone: US-radio KFAI introduced the band on 01/26 during their morning-show, where presenter CHERYL DIAL had a chat with the band about their history, their US-tour adventures and of course their future plans. The radio channel can be received on 90.3 FM in Minneapolis and 107.7 FM in St. Paul (U.S.A.). As usual, you can listen to the whole interview at the press corner on the band's website. | More Info...

    --- Published on 01/29/2013