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  • Everything is new in Spring ...

    There have been some rumours going 'round during the last weeks, but now it's official: in the beginning of 2015 Cornerstone decided to end their work with Patricia Hillinger after six years, and replace her with singer/ guitarplayer ALINA PETER. "Patricia has been full-heartedly involved in the band during the last years, and I have to say that we would not be where we are now without her," says bassist Michael. "But ultimately she made some decisions with which she disqualified herself morally. Everything else is a band issue and we would ask everyone explicitly to respect that." Run-up discussions were held with the former Austrian Song Contest-starter NADINE BEILER (#18/2011) and SUSANNE GSCHWENDTNER, who was mainactor in the US series "The Quest" (ABC TV), but in the end the band chose Alina Peter because she is someone who "is not only great musically and personally, but is also able to set her mainfocus on Cornerstone, which would have been difficult with Nadine and Susanne due to their various other commitments," adds Wachelhofer. The fourpiece has already completed two concerts with Alina to test the waters, and so far everything is positive. New on board is also drummer CHRISTOPH KARRAS, who is "full of enthusiasm and joy" about the upcoming tour, that will guide Cornerstone through UK, Germany and Austria.

    --- Published on 04/18/2015

  • Charity together with Radio 88.6 (AT)

    Christmas – a celebration of love and also a time to help others who didn't have so much luck in life: computer expert Juergen, married, two children, suffered a sudden brain hemorrhage and has been in a vegetative state ever since. The Austrian radio station 88.6 decided to raise money for Juergen’s family as well as the conversion of his apartment. Cornerstone will support this worthy cause and will be on air Tuesday 12/16. at 1:20 pm (CET+1). The band dedicate their chart single SMALLTOWN BOY to Juergen, Livestream available, check it out! | More Info...

    --- Published on 12/16/2014

  • New Album, Release Tour 2015 & More

    During the last months, it's been a bit quiet around Cornerstone, as the band took three well deserved months off after three years of touring non-stop. The band members relaxed, collected new ideas and "cleaned out the wardrobe to rearrange their shoes" to quote guitarist Steve. But the news are great: the four band members already started working on their new album (working title: "Reflections"), and first concerts for the album release tour, which will lead Cornerstone to Britain, Germany and Austria, are already booked, too. By the way, a big-name producer is on board for the new Cornerstone album, more news to be announced soon! | More Info...

    --- Published on 11/17/2014

  • Going down to Liverpool...

    And they are doing it again: For the second time meanwhile, in the middle of May, Cornerstone will take part at the Pop Overthrow Festival in Liverpool! This event usually takes place in the U.S.A., but also in two other cities of Europe – London and Liverpool – therefore the band will perform in the legendary CAVERN-CLUB, where also nobody less than the BEATLES appeared. Remarkable is also the fact, that Cornerstone were asked by the booker himself about their participation, even before the official booking for the festival started – so maybe they might have attracted attention to some people with their stage performance back in 2012… The exact stage-time and place will be announced within the next few weeks. Check it out! | More Info...

    --- Published on 01/21/2014

  • Cornerstone hits the Austrian Charts!

    It's official now: "Smalltown Boy", which was recorded in aid for the Nottingham Hospital, hits the Austrian Charts and is meanwhile on #50, a nice Christmasgift. The band didn't expect to be that successful: "With our promotion work, we actually concentrated more on the UK, because basically we recorded the song for an English charity project. So we are very surprised, that the Single is now successful in Austria, but we're happy about that, of course!", said guitar player Steve Wachelhofer. In Great Britain, the Single was represented by more than 40 radio stations and does now appear on many playlists. So things are shaping up well for Cornerstone and they might hit the Charts in the UK as well, pretty soon... | More Info...

    --- Published on 12/20/2013

  • "SMALLTOWN BOY" available since 11/11

    The already announced Charity-Single is now officially released. Since 11/11, you can download "Smalltown Boy" at I-Tunes, 7Digital, and other download-portals on the internet, but also as physical Single at £0.79 for the song will be used for the research and treatment of an immunodeficiency illness called mucoviscidosis ('cystic fibrosis'). Actually, Cornerstone supports the construction of a new unit for the Nottingham City Hospital- no coincidence, because the band has been touring the UK for a couple of times, to play at festivals, club-shows and radio-shows and therefore the single is presented by a lot of radio-stations at the moment – for example BBC RADIO 2 and BBC RADIO 6-… So: Participate – download – help! | More Info...

    --- Published on 11/16/2013

  • Charity-Single Release in Nottingham (UK)

    Now, the time has come: Cornerstone will finally release their new Single on 09/20. The Launch Party will take place in the Social Club of the City Hospital in Nottingham. All the proceeds of the Single will go to the CYSTIC FIBROSIS FUND, which is building a new unit in the Nottingham City Hospital for the research and treatment of this immunodeficiency illness at the moment, and is also for the benefit of the ROOM FOR BREATH-campaign. By the way, the song is a cover version of an _Eighties Synthesizer-Hit called "Smalltown Boy" by BRONSKI BEAT (Jimmy Sumerville) - to hear this in the rocking style of Cornerstone might be quite exciting… Special Guests at the Single-Launch Party are the GILES RIVER BAND (UK), X- factor participant JAYMAC (UK) and the former Songcontest participants and party legends BLACK LACE (UK). The event will be featured by the NOTTINGHAM POST (around 1,2 million readers per day), GEM 106 RADIO and a couple of other local press partners. Tickets for this event are still available!

    --- Published on 09/17/2013

  • In cooperation with Grammy-award winner!

    As the record label of Cornerstone, ATOM Records, confirmed yesterday, the band will work together with the Grammy-award winner BRAD BLACKWOOD in the course of their Single release, who acted in behalf of great musicians like MAROON 5, KORN, EMERSON LAKE & PALMER, etc.! Brad won this highly coveted award for his work on the Alison Krauss- Album “Paper Airplay”, which came out in 2012, and now he will give the finishing touches on Cornerstone’s new single.

    --- Published on 09/06/2013

  • United Kingdom-Tour 2013 – a review

    Now Cornerstone finished their meanwhile sixth England tour - a very, very successful one, in retrospective. Highlight was of course the CAMBRIDGE ROCK FEST together with famous acts like THE ANIMALS, MAGNUM and HAZEL O’ CONNOR - for many visitors Cornerstone was one of the best bands of the festival! Whereas the concerts in Nottingham, Beeston and Boston were kind of a “homecoming” - the band already played there a couple of times - the band conquered new territories in the North in Bolton, York and Wakefield. In the “Duchess” in York wellknown acts like MIDGE URE (ULTRA VOX), JOHNNY MARR and the UK SUBS appeared in the past… A positive aspect of the tour was the media presence of Cornerstone, they had interviews with BBC Radio and a few local radio stations, moreover they were present in the print media with fullpage articles, for example the BOSTON STANDARD or the NOTTINGHAM POST with full-page features. Conclusion of the tour: 10 concerts, 14 radio-interviews/ features, 7 newspaper announcements, 79 sold CD’s and 34 sold T-Shirts during the concerts. Well done! | More Info...

    --- Published on 08/14/2013

  • Trademark-issue on the Isle of Weight (UK)

    Luckily, Cornerstone protected their name as trademark years ago, which was a wise decision afterwards: on the Isle of Weight in England a local band operated with the same name till recently, which is of course prohibited. The management of Cornerstone asked the band politely to change the name accordingly because of the trademark. In the end, the story was a big headline in the English media – and so bassplayer Michael Wachelhofer as representative of the group suddenly found himself doing interviews on the Isle of Weight and other radio stations… Dave Roberts, main organizer of the CAMBRIDGE ROCK FESTIVAL, also pointed out his opinion with a nice statement about the band: "Cornerstone are a great supporter of the Cambridge Rock Festival and were due to play at the April 2012 CRF Spring Edition, but that event was cancelled due to extremely adverse weather. The band did play last week at the main Cambridge Rock Festival with a superb set, they have a good following amongst our crowd and are a very professional group of musicians and nice people too. I have no doubt they will be keen to protect their brand and image so their letter is understandable". Meanwhile, the band changed their name appropriately. | More Info...

    --- Published on 08/13/2013