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  • Corona: Cancellation Germany-Tour

    With the deepest regrets Cornerstone have to cancel the Germany-tour, which was planned for the first week of April. Austria has already closed its borders because of the Coronavirus, Germany did the same, so there is currently no chance for the band to leave the country. Apart from that, it would be morally wrong to play concerts, while the virus is raging in Europe, killing people and causing other tragedies. The next concerts in Austria are of course cancelled, too, those gigs will be re-scheduled in the next few weeks, if everything is over – hopefully soon! According to the current state of things, the tour will continue end of April at YELLOW-NIGHTS in Amstetten. Until then: STAY HEALTHY, ROCK ON, and above all: STAY AT HOME!!!

    --- Published on 03/18/2020

  • Germany & Greece-Tour

    While the band is working on new tunes and preparing for the recordings of the new album, which will start at the end of the year, there will be of course many concerts in 2020: Cornerstone will complete their first Germany-tour with seven gigs in eight days in April, and in summer there will be a concert tour through Greece - the second one after 2010. Of course there are some Live-dates in Austria as well, all details can be found, as always, on the tour-site. | More Info...

    --- Published on 02/09/2020

  • After the Tour is before the Tour...

    On Saturday 10/05 the concert year 2019 ended with a great gig in Maulburg (Germany). The record is quite impressive: 42 concerts in 5 countries, including highlights such as the CAMBRIDGE ROCK FESTIVAL (UK), ROCK AM PLATZ Koestendorf or the debuts in France and Scotland, to name just a few. Now, the band will take a short break to - in the words of Steve - "clear up the wardrobe and rearrange the shoes in a new way", writing new songs and refreshing their energies. 2020 will be a busy year again: in the first half (finally!) the release of a new single is planned, the very first Germany tour of Cornerstone will take place, and many concerts are on the agenda - except a handful of dates, the tour schedule is full until end of August. At this point, a big thank to all of you, who made these concerts possible and of course to those who visited it!

    --- Published on 10/13/2019

  • Finally back home!

    So the band's tenth UK-Tour came to an end with a fantastic concert at HAUS ELKE in Soegel (Germany). Now there is a rest for a few days, and on 08/03 it goes on at the ROCK AM PLATZ- Festival in Koestendorf. The tour itself was quite exhausting, with many, many miles to drive, but especially the concerts in France, Edinburgh and Newcastle were definitely worth the efforts. One of the highlights was of course the CAMBRIDGE ROCK FESTIVAL, where Cornerstone had the chance to meet the great Don Airey (DEEP PURPLE, GARY MOORE). In the next few days some interviews and presssnippets will be published on the website, so stay tuned! | More Info...

    --- Published on 07/30/2019

  • Cornerstone at the Donauinselfest (AT)

    Great news on mother's day: Cornerstone announced today, that they'll be again part oft he famous DONAUINSELFEST, Europe's biggest open air event. The concert will be on Friday, 06/21 at 7:00 pm (CET+1) at the YOUNION-STAGE (Arbeitsweltinsel). Free entry, the weather is hopefully good, so the band is really looking forward to a great live-event! | More Info...

    --- Published on 05/12/2019

  • 10th UK-Tour/ European-Tour/ Cambridge Rock Festival

    As already implied, Cornerstone is going to tour Europe again. The first half of the year the band will mainly perform in Austria, including a few appearances in Germany as well. During summer, Great Britain is on the touring-agenda - for the tenth time meanwhile! The highlight will be for sure the CAMBRIDGE ROCK FESTIVAL, one of the traditional English Open Airs, where acts like THE ANIMALS, STARSHIP or BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST appeared over the years. Cornerstone already performed there in 2013 and is really looking forward to come back the second time this summer. Continuing the good news, the band will also do shows in France and Scotland, more infos you may find on the tour-site. | More Info...

    --- Published on 02/26/2019

  • Take 2: Good Morning Austria

    At the end of the year Cornerstone will appear at GUTEN MORGEN OESTERREICH for the second time, the morning show of ORF2: on Thursday 12/20 the band will give an interview on national TV and play a few tracks live. Focus will be on singer Alina Peter this time, as the location of the show is Lamprechtshausen, her hometown. The first appearances will be at 7:00 am, so you have to get up early if you don't want to miss it! ORF2 is streamable online, check it out! | More Info...

    --- Published on 11/13/2018

  • Cornerstone goes Cinema...

    Like many other music artists before, Cornerstone get the opportunity to act in a movie: Bassplayer/Keyboarder Michael Wachelhofer will play a (little) role in the British drama LITTLE JOE, which will hit the European cinemas next year. The english actor BEN WHISHAW, famous for his starring in PERFUME (Patrick Suesskind) and for his role as Q in the last two JAMES BOND movies, will be the star in this drama. Beside that Cornerstone is already planning the next year's music schedule. There will also be a bigger tour, more details to be announced! | More Info...

    --- Published on 10/04/2018

  • United Kingdom-Tour 2018 - a review

    So the band is back from their ninth UK-tour, and this one had everything, that a good Rock'n Roll-tour needs: fun, drama, fantastic concerts, not-so-fantastic-concerts, cool radio-interviews, stress, great English breakfast, fastfood, long drives, laughter, less sleep, chocolate, nervous breakdowns in the hotel room, unbelieveable audiences, ... But in the end it was great, the majority of the concerts were awesome, Cornerstone arrived home safely, and deffo can't wait to come back next year. The band take a short break now for vacation etc. and will forward the tour end of August, next gig is an Open Air on 08/25 in Marizell (Austria)! | More Info...

    --- Published on 08/21/2018

  • Good Morning Austria

    So now the big news are out: after a phenomenal appearance at the BRIEFLOS-SHOW with Peter Rapp and the (rather unintentional) short feature at Stermann & Grissemann's WILLKOMMEN OESTERREICH the band will have its third performance at nationwide TV ORF in just one month. On Friday, 06/08 at around 6:30 am (CET+1) Cornerstone will be guests at GUTEN MORGEN OESTERREICH! The show will be sent from from Zwettl in Lower Austria, so getting up early will be worth it! Livestream is also available - check it out! | More Info...

    --- Published on 06/03/2018