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  • Two hours live on air at Radio NJOY 91.3 FM (AT)!

    Due to the promotion for the album "Reflections" the band will be guest at the Austrian radiostation NJOY 91.3 FM on Friday 06/09 for two hours, the show will start at 6:00 pm (CET+1). As part oft he OPEN MIC program, Cornerstone will present their new longplayer, chat about the band history as well as their favorite songs and the favorite songs of particular fans and supporters of the band. The show will be hosted by EVA SCHMID and ANTONIA HAFNER, Njoy can be heard on the radio in the Vienna-area and online worldwide of course. Check it out! | More Info...

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    --- Published on 06/07/2017

  • Cornerstone release new Single and Video

    After a three-months rest, Cornerstone are back with their second single from the longplayer "Reflections": the song "Northern Light" was released on 03/31 and was mixed and mastered, like the whole album, by Harry Hess (SIMPLE PLAN, MUSE, BILLY TALENT) in Canada. The video for the song, which has been shooted the same time like the first single "Last Night", was produced by the well-proven filmteam THE COCKPIT and director Christian Enzmueller. "Northern Light" is already available as download on iTunes and in all other online-shops. | More Info...

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    --- Published on 03/31/2017

  • Merry Christmas and...

    It's done: Cornerstone’s second European Tour is finished, 33 concerts in Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Austria were a great experience. Now the band have a well-served rest, and will go on stage again in April, dates will be announced soon. There are a few remaining Tour-Shirts, available in five colors and all sizes (also girl sizes!). To order a shirt, drop an Email to and mention your color and size, price is 15€/ £12/ 16$ plus S/H. We wish you a merry christmas, and may the power be with you! \m/ | More Info...

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    --- Published on 12/23/2016

  • Cornerstone-Special at 'MULATSCHAG' (OKTO TV)

    On Friday, 11/25, Cornerstone will be guests at the MULATSCHAG-Show on the Viennese regional television station OKTO TV. They had the pleasure to appear at the show already a few times in the past, this time the band will perform a few songs in the studio, will have a talk about the new album 'Reflections' and the collaboration with Harry Hess. Okto could be watched all over Austria and via Livestream, Starting time is 9:05 pm (CET+1). | More Info...

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    --- Published on 11/22/2016

  • New Video for the Single 'LAST NIGHT'

    After a three-month production period, the band released their first video of the new album "Reflections" on Sunday, 10/30 - the clip for "Last Night" is now available on various online platforms. The production by the way was done by THE COCKPIT (Directior: Christian Enzlmueller) once again - they have already worked with the band in the past a few times. At the moment it seems like the song is on the way to the official sales charts, so if you want to support Cornerstone, you may download "Last Night" on itunes, amazon and Google Play. | More Info...

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    --- Published on 11/01/2016

  • Listen to the Radio...

    Since the new album REFLECTIONS has been introduced to a few Radiostations in Great Britain (i.e. BBC) and has been added to their playlists, Austria is about to catch up with them: RADIOFABRIK 107.5 FM from Salzburg and RADIO YPSILON 94.5 FM already spin the tunes on a regular base, and on Saturday 09/24, 9:40 pm, the new Single 'Last Night' has it's Airplay-premiere at RADIO ARABELLA 92.9 FM, one of the biggest radio stations in the country. The station will also take the song into rotation! The day before this premiere Cornerstone will present their new album live at Niki Fuchs' "Addicted to Rock"-Show at RADIO 88.6 FM, the band will be live on air at around 08:15 pm – stay tuned! | More Info...

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    --- Published on 09/23/2016

  • New album 'REFLECTIONS' out now!

    Now the time has come: since 09/09 the new album REFLECTIONS is commercially available at AMAZON, all good CD-stores and of course downloadable at ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY, etc.. 'Reflections' was already presented at some radio stations in Europe (including BBC Radio), and in the next following weeks there will be a number of reviews and interviews in magazines and on other radio stations as well. After a five-month production period in the Vespa Studios in Toronto, Canada with top producer Harry Hess (SIMPLE PLAN BILLY TALENT, MUSE, ...) it can be said that the album is a huge step forward, especially sondwise. It is not without reason that Hess has worked with such well-known artists, he gave the recordings his own personal touch. "I wanted an absolutely radio friendly, keyboard-oriented sound like Savage Garden, Steve, on the other hand wanted something rougher like Gun's Roses" said bassist Michael. "But Harry has simply turned up the guitars and the drums and finally produced something that neither sounded like 'Affirmation' nor 'Appetite for Destruction', but completely unique. We are very satisfied with 'Reflections' and it’s an an enormous development to the last album 'Somewhere in America'.” | More Info...

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    --- Published on 09/12/2016

  • Pre-release of the new album 'Reflections'

    Now the time has come: the new album 'Reflections', which was produced in collaboration with Harry Hess (SIMPLE PLAN, BILLY TALENT, MUSE, ...) in Canada, has been finished. The new songs were first shown to the public on Friday 05/20/2016 in the Viper Room in Vienna, and the feedback was more than great: many long-time fans say that 'Reflections' is by far the best album of the band. The official release in trade and the media will take place in fall, because Cornerstone is engaged in negotiations with a major record label at the moment. You can find all other tour dates on the website at the tour-area. | More Info...

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    --- Published on 05/31/2016

  • Cornerstone at the Eurovision Songcontest?

    Altough the Eurovision-Songcontest, that will happen in Stockholm/ Sweden this year, has lost a bit of its glory over the last years, the band is proud to present, that the Austrian Broadcasting Service (ORF) has choosen the powerballad "Whatever", which is a precusor for the new album, too, is pre-nominated for the Wildcard for the Austrian contribution. It will be decided within the next few days, which artists are nominated, but: in case you want to support Cornerstone, you can leave a like or a comment at the Austrian Songcontest-page on Facebook - the selection process will take a few more days. | More Info...

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    --- Published on 12/11/2015

  • New album with star producer on board!

    During the last weeks, it's been a bit quiet around Cornerstone , here are some amazing news: the band is busy at the moment with the recordings for their new album, and HARRY HESS, a Canadian producer, is also involved in this project. Hess, himself singer of Harem Scarem, is mainly known as a producer through its collaboration with BILLY TALENT, SIMPLE PLAN, MUSE, etc.. So, more than one reason to be curious about the new album (working title: "Reflections"). Its release is scheduled for 05/20/2016 - incidentally in 2011, "Somewhere in America" was published on the same date, hopefully a good sign. Also in planning is a European tour, first dates in the UK and Germany are already confirmed and will be announced soon. | More Info...

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    --- Published on 12/09/2015