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  • United Kingdom-Tour 2008 - a review

    The first U.K. tour from Cornerstone is over now - put together it has been a journey with light, but also shadows. As guitarist Steve Wachelhofer describes it, the band felt "like on a roller coaster": the first gig in Stockport was a complete flop because of organizational reasons - apparently the Venue's owner picked a fight with the organizer SLW-PROMOTIONS and told the fans that there won't be a concert, so the band performed in a nearly empty venue... The following day the band played a sensational gig in Nottingham: in the end there were many people singing along with the band and the concert dissolved in a happy and sweating crowd. Of course London has been a great experience for the band and the owner of BRIDGEHOUSE 2 liked the band so much, that he set up a second gig on 10/31 for Cornerstone!

    After a cultural education in London - Cornerstone were visiting the TATE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART and the legendary ABBEY ROAD (where the BEATLES, PINK FLOYD, ALAN PARSON PROJECT recorded for a long time!) - it has been a unique experience for the band to play in the European music scene. Unfortunately some bandmembers were quite exhausted after seven concerts in seven days, and therefore guitarist Steve sang most of the songs at the last gig. But obviously the crowd enjoyed the show nevertheless - after the gig, the band had an offer for another U.K. tour for 2 weeks in summer 2009! Many thanks to SONIA WATERFIELD from SLW-PROMOTIONS, who was working very hard to organize the tour and the concerts!

    --- Published on 11/06/2008

  • No.1 on CHUNGARADIO, Scottsdale/AZ, U.S.A.!

    As reported by the band's management on Sunday, 09/11, Cornerstone has gone number 1 at CHUNGARADIO, Scottsdale/AZ, U.S.A. as the most wanted and played band of 2008 on this station! Whoaahh!

    --- Published on 11/06/2008

  • At the Steve Price-Show (ARFM-Radio, UK)

    Since some English radio stations played Cornerstone in their programms, just some weeks before their UK tour, the band has appeared as a guest - represented by bassplayer MICHAEL WACHELHOFER - in the STEVE PRICE SHOW on radio ARFM, London/UK, Saturday, 10/11/2008, and talked about the new album HEAD OVER HEELS, and their following concerts in the UK. | More Info...

    --- Published on 10/08/2008

  • CD-Presentation & UK/Austria Tour

    The time has come: the new album HEAD OVER HEELS is published all over the world! The official date for the CD release in Europe is 10/14 (USA: 10/07). In the course of November the CD will be available in all stores and you can also download it from the internet. Orders in advance at AMAZON.DE are already possible. As a Start-up of the U.K./Austria tour, the band is going to have a CD presentation at "DAS LOCAL" in Vienna, beginning at 8:30 p.m.. After this concert, the band is heading to the U.K. and in November there will be some concerts in Austria. The missing gigs from the tour will be announced in the next few days! | More Info...

    --- Published on 10/08/2008

  • United Kingdom-Tour 2008

    Now the next steps of the band are fixed up: after the Start-Up concert in Vienna on 10/23, in which the album HEAD OVER HEELS will be officially released, the band will travel to "the island" on the last week of October. This will take the band to Manchester, London and Wales. At the moment, only two concerts in London are submitted, but within the next two weeks the rest will be fixed up - the booking is in process at the moment. Cornerstone will perform as the headlining band most of the time, but at some concerts they will be the Support act (for example for REMUS DOWN BOULEVARD, new band of one of the IRON MAIDEN founders...), too. All of the band members, especially Drummer Hannah Wachter and guitar player Steve Wachelhofer are very excited about "this new experience"- as neither of them have been to England before. | More Info...

    --- Published on 09/02/2008

  • Victory at the NEXT BIG THING (U.S.A.)!!!

    Cornerstone did the incredible: they are the winners of the "Next Big Thing"- contest, hosted by ALTERNATIVE ADDICTION (U.S.A.). In the final they stood up to the band "V", managed by nobody else then ARTIE KORNFELD (Woodstock-hoster and A&R for major-labels for many years), but at the end it was Cornerstone, winning after a close vote and is now the "Next Big Thing" and the "Indie-band of the Month" on Radio AA (U.S.A.). The band wants to thank everyone for voting and pushing Cornerstone to the Top.

    --- Published on 06/01/2008

  • US-Airplay for Cornerstone!

    It's done: the Airplay in the U.S. has started! Of course, in a country with around 250 million inhabitants and several thousands of radio stations it is quite difficult to determine where, when and which song is played. But it can be said for sure that HEADCASE RADIO (Seattle/WA), ACE RADIO (Miami/FL) and CHUNGA RADIO (Scottsdale/AZ) are regulary playing songs from Cornerstone in their shows. In Austria, meanwhile, just RADIO7 decided to take the band in their Programm. It stands to reason that, if an Austrian band is played on hundred of radio stations in the U.S., it must not necessarily be good enough to be played on Austrian radio... | More Info...

    --- Published on 05/04/2008