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  • US Tour 2009 confirmed!

    Now it's done: as already announced, Cornerstone will travel around United States in July, 2009. The tour will lead them to Georgia (native of R.E.M.!), Kentucky, Ohio and New Jersey and continues from 07/09 to 07/27, as the label has confirmed with 03/18! First shows are already booked, the rest will be announced during the next days/weeks. You can check out the next shows on the tour-area on their website. A great sucess! | More Info...

    --- Published on 03/18/2009

  • Interview in the POWERPLAY MAGAZINE (UK)!

    The press work pays off more and more: in the last issue of the UK-magazine POWERPLAY a two-sided interview of the band was published, ALLAN BANNERMAN chatted along with bassplayer Michael Wachelhofer primarily about the history of the origin and the future plans of the band. However, of course the fantastic reviews and interviews in the last issue of FIREWORKS (UK) and in some Italian and Belgian magazines, shouldn't remain unmentioned, too... The accumulated press work can be found, as usual, on the press site. | More Info...

    --- Published on 03/10/2009

  • At Z ROCK FESTIVAL, UK (with John Waite a.o.)!

    Till the end it was a well protected secret, but now it is fixed up: as the management of the band has announced yesterday, Cornerstone will perform together with JOHN WAITE, BIG NOIZE and other bands on 05/30 at the Z ROCK FESTIVAL! Waite has become well-known for his solo work ("Missing You") and as the voice of BAD ENGLISH and is a long-served US-top star. The 2-day-festival will take place from 05/29 to 30 in Dudley (U.K.), the band will appear on the second day. "Cornerstone - Austria's hottest act with amazing female vocals at present!" (Source: official Z rock festival press bulletin. Author: Mark Alger). By the way: the UK-Tour, originally planned for April 2009, has been postponed - on given occasion - to May/June 2009.

    --- Published on 03/10/2009

  • Movie Soundtrack "Little Alien"

    Cornerstone got chance to contribute two songs of their latest album for the soundtrack to the latest movie of MobileFilms, LITTLE ALIEN (Director: Nina Kusturica). This film and TV documentary deals with the fate of immigrant children, will be feature-length in fall of 2009 in all Austrian cinemas and on TV run (ORF,...). | More Info...

    --- Published on 02/24/2009

  • Media news/ STRUTTER'ZINE

    The past few weeks the band appeared several times in the international media, mainly in the Benelux countries, though the album Head Over Heels gained almost very good reviews! Especially to point out is the good press from Strutter Magazine, the Dutch's biggest music magazine, which reviewed the band stellar (8.3/10 points). | More Info...

    --- Published on 01/06/2009

  • Austria Tour 2008 - a Rreview

    Now, also the tour through Austria has been finished and the Band will have their well-deserved break till the end of this year. 16 concerts within five weeks were more than exhausting. Especially the concerts at MILES in Graz and at KLIMBIM in Stockerau were excellent - the promoters were so impressed about Cornerstone, that they booked them for two more gigs at their locations next year. A bit depressing around this tour was the gig at BACKSTAGE in Wiener Neustadt. "We haven't found out an arrogant and shabby treatment like this since starting our band", says MICHAEL WACHELHOFER" we just played the gig but our motivation does not exist anymore. For the future we will avoid this location". At the end of the day "The tour was O.K. but not more", adds STEVE WACHELHOFER. Complementary Michael: "If you are playing a tour through Great Britain, which was absolutely fantastic and after that you come back to Austria - that brings you down to earth again". For sure we will play concerts in Austria, but there will be no "tour" in the future - we don't want to waste our time and energy. Focus for us will be UK, Germany and the U.S.A..

    --- Published on 12/09/2008

  • At the cover at ROCK CITY MAGAZINE (DE)!

    Whow, it's done: The Band has their first frontcover! ROCK CITY MAGAZINE from the north of Germany printed Cornerstone on the cover of their latest number. Including an interview with the band and one introduction of their new album "Head over Heels". Great! | More Info...

    --- Published on 12/09/2008

  • HEAD OVER HEELS available in stores and as download

    From now on, the latest album HEAD OVER HEELS is available in stores and downloadable throughout the world. Check out the French online-shop PICKUPCD.COM for quick delivery all over Europe and a knockdown price - also at CD UNIVERSE and at the label ATOM RECORDS the album is available for a very fair price! | More Info...

    --- Published on 11/08/2008

  • Articles, reviews, airplay, ...

    Slowly but surely the promotion machinery gets going: amongst other things, the German magazine HARD HARDER HEAVY published a very good review about the new album HEAD OVER HEELS (5,5 from 7 reachable points), the Belgian online magazine METAL TO INFINITY published a review as well (65/100) and the airplay is also getting better - the Belgian OVERDRIVE RADIO and the german DISCOVERY RADIO (Frequency 96.0) already played some tunes from the new album. Cornerstone is going to concentrate on Public Relations, the music is taken in all over the world with enthusiasm. The reviews for the album can be read in the press corner, as always. | More Info...

    --- Published on 11/06/2008

  • Sensational gig at the BH2/ London!

    As part of our U.K. tour, Cornerstone played twice at the legendary BRIDGEHOUSE 2 in London, where bands like MADNESS, SEX PISTOLS or THE CLASH played. The concert they performed together with REMUS DOWN BOULEVARD, the new band from IRON MAIDEN-former Dennis Stratton was - according to bassist Michael Wachelhofer - "the best concert we have ever played". That evening everything was perfect - the rhythmsection, the guitar work of Steve Wachelhofer and the outstandingly good harmony-singing. Dennis Stratton praised the band after the gig: "This band is very good and very, very tight". Stratton has been in the music business for 35 years. | More Info...

    --- Published on 11/06/2008