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  • Live at Austria's biggest festivals!

    Finally it's allowed to us to announce, that we'll be part oft he two biggest festivals in Austria: on Saturday 06/11 at 2:00 pm we'll perform at the NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL in Nickelsdorf at the Singer/Songwriterstage… we have absolutely no idea, how we ended up there, but it's of course a big honour, to perform at the same festival as MUSE, PLACEBO and VOLBEAT… On Friday, 06/24 at 7:00 pm we'll appear at Europe's biggest Open Air event, the DONAUINSELFEST at the Younion-stage. It's our 11th time meanwhile, so that's a cool anniversary! | More Info...

    --- Published on 05/29/2022

  • Live at national Austrian TV ORF!

    Huge news: we have been invited to introduce our new single "PRIVATE EYES" at national Austrian TV ORF 2 at GUTEN MORGEN OESTERREICH on Tuesday 05/17! On that day we'll be live on screen two times at around 7:15 am and 8:15 am (CET+1). We feel honoured and really looking forward to that show - ORF2 is streamable online, check it out! | More Info...

    --- Published on 05/11/2022

  • New Single "Private Eyes" OUT NOW!

    And here it is: our new Single "PRIVATE EYES"! The song hits home with some very personal and sensitive topics, surrounding being stalked. Michael, who wrote the lyrics and co-wrote the song, exclaims it's "a topic which troubled me for over a year. In the beginning I found it a bit strange, to get stalked by someone, and I even had some laughs about it. During this time, it caused bad dreams and sleepless nights. There was one point, at which I've got eight incoming phone calls within an hour from the person, plus an accumulation of messages overnight”. The track, in effect, spreads awareness on controversial events happening to men.

    Produced once again with HARRY HESS, who recently won a Grammy for his work at ALEX CUBA's latest album (best Latin-Pop), a few radiostations already interviewed the band prior tot he release and played the track, but of course most of the promotion will happen within the next few weeks. There is also a video in the making, but due to Covid-19, half oft he band and half oft he film team had to stay in quarantine in the week oft he shot, so it will probably take a while, before we could finish it. Also our day has just 24 hours. The song is available on Spotify, iTunes and the usual platforms! | More Info...

    --- Published on 05/01/2022

  • We're back!

    We're back! Cornerstone may have appeared quiet for the past few weeks, but we've been working hard behind the scenes and bring exciting announcements. First and foremost, british singer ELENA ATKINSON will join the band as the new frontwoman! We've also got plenty of shows lined up: on 03/19, we kick off the concert season in Vienna; in the first half of April we're on tour in Germany (seven concerts in eight days!) and May will bring the highlight of our concert year: Cornerstone is on the line-up of the INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW FESTIVAL, which will take place in the legendary Cavern Club Liverpool, where the The Beatles performed many times. At the end of April the new single "PRIVATE EYES" will be released, which - like the previous album "Reflections" - was produced in Canada in collaboration with Harry Hess (Billy Talent, Muse, Harem Scarem). | More Info...

    --- Published on 02/28/2022

  • Nomination as "Artist of the year 2021" (UK)

    Great news - we have been nominated as ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2021 by NOVA RADIO 102.5 FM (UK). The award is hosted by THE UNSIGNED MUSIC SHOW WITH MIKE RYAN, of course we would love to win it! So, if you want to help us out, feel free to vote for us using the link below – it only takes a few seconds! Thanks in advance! | More Info...

    --- Published on 11/09/2021

  • World record attempt at 200 ft height!

    Drummer Erich Blie was selected from more than 50 drummers by the Italian deodorant brand BOROTALCO and the Austrian radiostation KRONEHIT to attempt a world record on the Vienna Riesenrad on 08/26/2021. For the very first time someone played a drum solo at a height of more than 200 ft on an operating ferris wheel. This would make Blie part of the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS, he was coached by the Austrian song contest participant CESAR SAMPSON (#3/2018). Well done, Erich! | More Info...

    --- Published on 08/26/2021

  • On the road again...

    After 9 months of absence the band is back on stage - the first two concerts of the tour have already gone very well. Due to the expiring Covid-19 measures the decision was made, to play concerts in Austria only for now, because planing an abroad-tour currently carries a certain risk – no one really knows, if the lockdowns are over or not etc.. But Cornerstone will for sure be back in the UK and in Germany next year, more details about the concerts for 2021 can be found on the tour page as usual! | More Info...

    --- Published on 06/23/2021

  • So... what's next?

    There were some questions recently, why it has been so quiet in the last few months. Well… the band simply decided, to publish just meaningful news and content that makes sense on their channels. The cultural life fallen asleep a few months earlier due to the lockdowns and the Covid-19 crisis, so - honest to god, there are not that many news. At least no news Cornerstone want to share yet... Anyway: the planned gig in April in Wiener Neustadt will probably cancelled a fourth time, but the band is hopefully allowed to go on stage again end of May/beginning of June. The new single is still in the making, because there are a few difficulties with the recordings (Lockdown, anyone?), BUT some big news regarding Cornerstone are just around the corner and will be published soon. Stay tuned!

    --- Published on 04/09/2021

  • The Show Must Go On...

    Apparently 2020 is the year of changes: after six years with Cornerstone, singer Alina Peter has decided to leave the group in the middle of the current tour due to personal differences - the other band members have taken note of this decision. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the band's plans for the next year are difficult to estimate - the only thing that’s certain at the moment is a new single with the current working title "Private Eyes", which will be released in the first half of the year 2021. In terms of live concerts, touring will probably start again in May or June, when the situation is a bit clearer due to the corona crisis. Stay tuned for more info!

    --- Published on 10/18/2020

  • Cambridge Rock Festival 2020

    At least in Austria the concert season has started again for the band, but due to the corona restrictions both tours abroad for 2020 had to be cancelled. An exception is the CAMBRIDGE ROCK FESTIVAL (UK), which will take place virtually this year. The promoters have decided to stream a kind of "Best Of" of the past 7 years, and Cornerstone will be part of it. The "slot" will take place on Friday, 06/19. at 11:00 am (UK-time) on the TOPAZ stage, later on the same day the legendary WISHBONE ASH (UK) will also be there - at least online. | More Info...

    --- Published on 06/16/2020