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  • So... what's next?

    There were some questions recently, why it has been so quiet in the last few months. Well… the band simply decided, to publish just meaningful news and content that makes sense on their channels. The cultural life fallen asleep a few months earlier due to the lockdowns and the Covid-19 crisis, so - honest to god, there are not that many news. At least no news Cornerstone want to share yet... Anyway: the planned gig in April in Wiener Neustadt will probably cancelled a fourth time, but the band is hopefully allowed to go on stage again end of May/beginning of June. The new single is still in the making, because there are a few difficulties with the recordings (Lockdown, anyone?), BUT some big news regarding Cornerstone are just around the corner and will be published soon. Stay tuned!

    --- Published on 04/09/2021

  • The Show Must Go On...

    Apparently 2020 is the year of changes: after six years with Cornerstone, singer Alina Peter has decided to leave the group in the middle of the current tour due to personal differences - the other band members have taken note of this decision. However, the show must go on, befriended Rock-/Soulsinger DORIS RIEGLER will take over the remaining concerts until the end of the year. Riegler has been working professionally in the music industry for many years and was part of various solo- and band projects as well as in musical productions such as ELISABETH and LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the band's plans for the next year are difficult to estimate - the only thing that’s certain at the moment is a new single with the current working title "Private Eyes", which will be released in the first half of the year 2021. In terms of live concerts, touring will probably start again in May or June, when the situation is a bit clearer due to the corona crisis. Stay tuned for more info! | More Info...

    --- Published on 10/18/2020

  • Cambridge Rock Festival 2020

    At least in Austria the concert season has started again for the band, but due to the corona restrictions both tours abroad for 2020 had to be cancelled. An exception is the CAMBRIDGE ROCK FESTIVAL (UK), which will take place virtually this year. The promoters have decided to stream a kind of "Best Of" of the past 7 years, and Cornerstone will be part of it. The "slot" will take place on Friday, 06/19. at 11:00 am (UK-time) on the TOPAZ stage, later on the same day the legendary WISHBONE ASH (UK) will also be there - at least online. | More Info...

    --- Published on 06/16/2020

  • We're back!

    The corona crisis and the associated quarantine measures are slowly but surely coming to an end and the cultural sector is also picking up speed again. For Cornerstone this means, that concerts can be played again from June - of course under certain conditions such as protective masks and a safety distance. On 06/05 there will be a concert in Vienna, followed by around 20 gigs in Austria till the end of the year, mainly postponed dates from spring. Abroad-appearances will probably not be possible until next year, more details can be found on the tour page as usual. | More Info...

    --- Published on 05/28/2020

  • Corona II: Cancellation Greece-Tour

    Since the Corona crisis is still not over, Cornerstone decided with a heavy heart, to cancel the summer tour through Greece, too. The problem is that the band would have to pass four countries - including Serbia and the Republic of North Macedonia, which have currently closed their borders completely. But even if it were possible to reach the country, a tour is economically very risky: at the moment all promoters are extremely reluctant to engage bands because nobody can estimate if there is a crowd at all. The tour will be rescheduled to 2022 at latest, the next concerts will take place in August, according to the current situation. | More Info...

    --- Published on 05/17/2020

  • CORONAstone Quarantine TV

    The Covid-19 crisis means that no concerts can be played at the moment, so the band decided to do something else and recorded a mini living room concert for QUARANTINE TV. The release will be on Friday 04/24, 4:00 pm (CET+1) - and even the Austrian Prime Minister ALEXANDER VAN DER BELLEN appears in it. Also some TV- and radiostations in Germany, Austria and Great Britain have announced, that they will support Cornerstone in this difficult time and will broadcast the contribution (or at least parts of it). For some Austrian radio stations, the announced "support for the local music scene" has been more a lip service so far... | More Info...

    --- Published on 04/24/2020

  • Rock against Corona - Charity from the Sofa!

    The German band POTTINGER has started a project called "Rock Against Corona" and, as a first step, created a playlist on Spotify, which proceeds will be donated to the GERMAN RED CROSS and thus helps in the fight against the corona virus. Cornerstone are the only Austrian representant in this playlist - limited to 58 tracks from the rock and metal sector - with the single "Northern Light". All proceeds of the streaming will be donated - the more people listen, share and subscribe to the playlist, the more proceeds can be created! | More Info...

    --- Published on 03/28/2020

  • Corona: Cancellation Germany-Tour

    With the deepest regrets Cornerstone have to cancel the Germany-tour, which was planned for the first week of April. Austria has already closed its borders because of the Coronavirus, Germany did the same, so there is currently no chance for the band to leave the country. Apart from that, it would be morally wrong to play concerts, while the virus is raging in Europe, killing people and causing other tragedies. The next concerts in Austria are of course cancelled, too, those gigs will be re-scheduled in the next few weeks, if everything is over – hopefully soon! According to the current state of things, the tour will continue end of April at YELLOW-NIGHTS in Amstetten. Until then: STAY HEALTHY, ROCK ON, and above all: STAY AT HOME!!!

    --- Published on 03/18/2020

  • Germany & Greece-Tour

    While the band is working on new tunes and preparing for the recordings of the new album, which will start at the end of the year, there will be of course many concerts in 2020: Cornerstone will complete their first Germany-tour with seven gigs in eight days in April, and in summer there will be a concert tour through Greece - the second one after 2010. Of course there are some Live-dates in Austria as well, all details can be found, as always, on the tour-site. | More Info...

    --- Published on 02/09/2020

  • After the Tour is before the Tour...

    On Saturday 10/05 the concert year 2019 ended with a great gig in Maulburg (Germany). The record is quite impressive: 42 concerts in 5 countries, including highlights such as the CAMBRIDGE ROCK FESTIVAL (UK), ROCK AM PLATZ Koestendorf or the debuts in France and Scotland, to name just a few. Now, the band will take a short break to - in the words of Steve - "clear up the wardrobe and rearrange the shoes in a new way", writing new songs and refreshing their energies. 2020 will be a busy year again: in the first half (finally!) the release of a new single is planned, the very first Germany tour of Cornerstone will take place, and many concerts are on the agenda - except a handful of dates, the tour schedule is full until end of August. At this point, a big thank to all of you, who made these concerts possible and of course to those who visited it!

    --- Published on 10/13/2019